Counter Strike R.E.D.

The “Mind Set”


1.    Not an endless modular system

 One module covers attack or defence, whether it is from a fist (or any part of the body), or any type of basic weapon. Conversely, anything could be used as a weapon, by teaching the student how to defend also trains how to attack..


2.    Structure

 The system contains drills embedded within it to act as a reference point for continuation training either in pairs or groups. At a basic level the individual can very quickly become competent and have an improved level of confidence and personal ability.


3.    Training

 Training can be carried out with students at different levels of ability. It can be conducted inside or outside without the requirement for specialised clothing or matting equipment. The emphasis is on a realistic environment, situation and clothing. All training, apart from individual, is carried out at close quarter. Students stand within an “arms” length or less of each other, face to face. This is viewed as the worst environment / risk situation.


4.    Instructor / Student Roles

 A new student is quickly told to lead a drill once he has been shown. This improves his retention and develops his skill and reactions at the same time. In this situation the instructor is able to continually develop and progress his own core skills and ability whilst the role of “Lead” changes.


5.    Natural Response- “Flinch” Response

 The system does not look to suppress the body’s natural reaction, such as the inbuilt “flinch” response that we all have. It develops this and expands it and emphasises the vital need to change speed and direction faster than the opponent.


6.     Ideology

 The system employs a dynamic mind set and it actively encourages the student to bring any positive past skills to the system and integrate them into their approach to the training. This makes it a continually evolving and assessing system.


7.    Certification

 Following any of the training carried out by the CSRED core instructors there will be a level of evaluation included. This has a twofold aim:

  • Student gets satisfaction of achievement.
  • To ensure that the core ideas and concepts are maintained and understood.


8.    Quality

 We constantly seek to improve the quality and effectiveness of our team. To maintain and deliver a high level of professional training requires us to accept that change is inevitable and that our ability to recognise and react to change will ultimately determine our success.


The term “defending” or “block” in the system is incorrect; it implies an incorrect mental approach / picture, everything about this system is attack. You attack / strike to “block” or “defend”.



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